Let me start by telling you a little about me. Originally from the UK, I have now made Australia my home and feel incredibly fortunate to be experiencing this wonderful country. I am degree educated and studied Business Management at University. It wasn't until years later that I finally found photography, where I became obsessed with the creative aspect of photography and with making people happy, and decided to become a devoted Wedding, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer. 

I would most definitely describe my path into photography as serendipitous.

Away from photography, I love spending time travelling! In 2015 I visited Malaysia, Sri Lanka, France, England, Cairns, and Melbourne. The plan is for lots more adventures in 2016 and hopefully a few destination weddings!



Passion and Philosophy

I enter every wedding with effervescent passion. My mindset is to create imaginative new images for my clients that will blow them away, this is what drives me. My philosophy is of a Photojournalism and Editorial approach. I desire to tell the story of each and every wedding, capturing candid natural looking photos, the unexpected, and unbelievable creative compositions.

Emotions, Angles, Symmetry, Shapes, Colour & Light

While exercising my photographic creative eye I love to seek out compositions with incredible emotion. Expressions of joy, laughter, surprise, and tears mesmerize me! I am also drawn to interesting angles, symmetry, out of the ordinary shapes and textures, vibrant colours, and incredible light that I can use creatively to enhance an image.

Making a Difference

The love between two people is something very special and deserves to be respected. I genuinely care for all the couples I work with and the end goal is “always” to produce something wonderful for the couple that can be looked back on for generations to come. For me it is not about a pay check or rushing the editing to move onto the next wedding, it is about preserving the integrity of every set of wedding photos to create something truly memorable. I want to feel like I have made a positive difference in the lives of the couple.


Q & A:

What makes you different to other wedding photographers?

I work tirelessly at every wedding, right until the very end. Although my Full Day Coverage is capped at 12 hours, I have been known to stay for 14 hours (with no extra charge) as why leave when many of the most interesting moments present themselves after the reception really kicks off. Many photographers cap their hours and leave straight after cake cutting or first dance, not me! I love to kick on and get some fantastic dance floor shots.

Do you edit the photos yourself?

Yes, I professionally edit all my photos to ensure consistency and to deliver what my creative eye saw when I composed the frame. 

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes, I always carry two camera bodies with me and carry back up bodies in my bag. I also use two memory cards simultaneously in one camera body, in case one memory card fails I won’t lose your photos.

How many photos will I receive for my wedding?

I don’t set a limit, however you will typically receive between 400 and 600 photos for all day coverage.

When will I receive my photos after the wedding?

I aim to have a sneak peak of your photos on social media within 3 weeks, and aim to deliver all photos within 8 weeks of the wedding,

Do you travel for weddings?

YES! I absolutely love travelling. If the wedding is one hour’s drive outside of Perth all I need is my travel expenses paid for (fuel), and if abroad accommodation paid for two nights.


I really hope that you fell in love with my work and connected with my creative vision.

Please do get in touch and tell me more about your big day.